TwistedPair | 1721 Studio


A Portsmouth based SME, TwistedPair is an innovative business, specializing in communication and infrastructure solutions. They wanted us to take their business to 'the next level’.

They Asked

TwistedPair came to 1721 Studio to evolve their look and feel, present them as a company that is successful and growing. A rebrand that would make them stand side-by-side in the market with the likes of Gamma Telecom and Colt.

We Presented

1721 Studio rebranded TwistedPair with a new, fresh, corporate look and feel. We chose strong and proud colours, retaining a sense of heritage through the use a the deep blue and then injecting new energy with a citrus orange. In addition, TwistedPair wanted to express some youthfulness in their brand personality, so we chose a typeface, FS Joey, that could look refined when used small and then expressive and fun when used in hero images and headlines.

In addition, we also created distinct sub-sector brands for each of their primary business services, allowing them to in future do more targeted marketing campaigns.

Overall we have helped them showcase their market-leading technical skills and given their brand the sophicticated feel that their expertise deserves – whilst ensuring clarity and simplicity in what is a highly technical and complicated market.

Since then TwistedPair have grown rapidly, attracting clients such as LinkedIn, Uber and Moo.

Type Of Work

  • Brand Development
  • Print Design
  • Website Design and Development
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Interior Graphics