Wordpress website by 1721 Studio with Online Cleaning

Online Cleaning Digital and Print Design

Online Cleaning UK has been a client of 1721 Studio for sometime. After successfully designing and organising a difficult print project for an exhibition we got ourselves noticed by the Dutch and Australian arms of Online Cleaning.

They Asked

We were given two major projects, online and offline, to complete which were both on tight deadlines; one a direct mail for Australia and second, Online Cleanings’ new website. The goal of both of these projects is to raise awareness and the profile of Online Cleaning within the industrial services sector.

We Presented

Online Cleaning had a very limited online presence and an even more limited general marketing presence. It was decided that we would try and nudge their brand forward by adding some new brand properties in the form of new illustrative graphic devices and slogans.

The website has been and continues to be major project. Built on the back of WordPress we have given Online Cleaning a huge amount of functionality such as a news feed, integrated Google Map, the ability to edit and create new pages and a comprehensive Case Study section. We included a lot of interactivity and simple transitional effects to add as much glamour to what could be a very stale and industrial subject. In addition the website will include a multi-site version which will allow it to switch between a range of languages, globally.

During the design and development of the brochure, 1721 Studio was also tasked with producing a direct mail for Australia, this was to target 100 new potential clients with a simple but powerful piece that would hopefully generate interest in some of Online Cleanings’ headline services. The direct mail piece will also be distributed across Europe in a multitude of languages, translated using our services.

Type Of Work

  • Design for print
  • Exhibition design
  • Website design and development
  • Translation services
  • International direct mail

Other Projects