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We all have to start somewhere


Set-up and run by Marcus O’Donnell, Marcus Webb Associates is a specialist recruitment consultancy aligned to the world of Engineering and Technology.

They came to us with their business plan and right from our first meeting it was clear Marcus was looking for something a little different, something more visually interesting. A logo which oozed class, quality and distinction – supported by colour, passion and energy.

We set about scribbling no end of logo ideas, crafting different combinations of ‘M’ + ‘W’ together over and over (and over) until we found the best solution. Perfectly matched, inverted letterforms proved to be the answer, with strong colours on a minimal setting setting the perfect balance.



Exploding tones – cool blues, purples and a powerful magenta added the visual kick;




Fresh and contemporary – the finished branding projects a strong, professional image for the business.