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Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Service

Government cuts and efficiency drives meant the two organisations were set to merge…


Our previous success and strong relationship with Hampshire Fire meant we were brought forward as the recommended agency and we were contacted by the coordinator working with Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Services on the merger. One unified Fire Service. Our challenge was set.

Difficult choices and sensitive natures

Spirits were low. The whole process was set to be delicate, we both organisations naturally having great pride in their own history and heritage – and with that comes strong emotional attachments to their own individual brands. With sympathetic management and considered nudges into a new positive direction, we ensured each brand had equal recognition, respect and status.

Respecting heritage

It was clear that using the equity in heritage was the way forward. But by their own admission they would also need explore a ‘clean slate’ approach if this didn’t work. 1721 Studio started with the heritage concept and began by researching their current brands, looking to see how we could bring the two brands together.


Journal_D&W_1000wide_logo evo


Working to simplify the key graphic asset of each of their respective heritage elements, we created sharper, modern and matching icons – we now had two consistent brand properties to work with.

Creating cohesion


We presented the new logo design to a very positive reaction – but the identity needed a stronger visual clarity of the two brands joining forces. Our solution was simple…







The final result



With the new logo in place, the new Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Authority have been able to move on from the past, with a new clean, modern and positive identity.