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Astute Interior Graphics

As part of a total rebrand to celebrate the company’s tenth year of business, continued growth and soon to launch rebrand. 1721 Studio was tasked with designing three large graphic walls, creating an impactful statement for the busy office.

Journal_Astute_1000wide_top-header Journal_Astute_1000wide_Reception-wall


The rebrand focused around the use of striking, sector specific imagery and colour palettes to build a solid brand built out of smaller sub brands.

In the foyer we utilised the brand imagery and simple clean cut angles present in the branding to create a stylish and impactful entranceway. The brushed metal signage gives a jaw dropping and tactile finish to the whole ensemble.

Wall two and three – History of power



The brief for the internal walls was somewhat open ended and allowed us to find a style to build around the desired concept. The concept itself was to illustrate a historical timeline of the power generation industry, but just how we did this was entirely up to 1721.

We found a simple, playful style that would lend itself to an informative but relaxed office atmosphere. The idea was to allow the information to be presented in a manner where it can be discovered over time and not all at once.

The smaller of the two walls focused on three of the intellectual “heavy hitters” from the history of power generation, focusing on their achievements, both mainstream and quirky.  These three fact files would act as the starting point for the second wall, and it’s timeline through the modern power industry.

The second wall was where we were really able to have fun, mixing the industry specific facts and figures with pop culture references and even a cheeky “Where’s Wally”.