Emily Woffindin - An Apprentice Diary | 1721 Studio

Emily Woffindin – An Apprentice Diary

The beginnings

As a part of my apprenticeship I was specifically asked to create a blog about my workplace and to describe a typical day in the life at 1721. I have decided to format it as if it was my very own 1721 diary.

Last week was my first week in the studio working alongside the 1721 crew as they’re new apprentice. I was immediately made welcome by both Griff and Neil and introduced to their sizeable collection of both Transformers and Star Wars figurines.

Once settled, I was introduced into my first project, in which I would undertake alongside Griff and Neil. This project was to involve developing a Advent Calendar for the Telecoms company ‘Twisted Pair’. I was given an overview of the company and looked into all assets such as branding and the overall design. They were looking for something very personal and humorous, specifically about different employees within the company. Neil and I then decided to do some mind-mapping, to help come up with a suitable idea for the calendar.